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Our Team of professional locksmiths is skilled and experienced with any panic hardware device. We have installed panic hardware in businesses in the Dallas / Fort Worth area and specialize in Panic hardware installation in restaurants, office buildings, and medical buildings. Many panic hardware devices connected to magnetic locks and wireless devices require professional and experienced technicians. You can trust our local and skilled technicians to assist you with any panic hardware device in the DFW Area. Feel conflicted about whether to contact us about our special offer for free consultations for any question regards to your home or business locks and panic hardware concerns.


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What are Panic Hardware?

Door closers aid the door to shut gradually and silently rather than rapidly and noisily, triggering possible damage to the doorframe. The manual types are steel-shaped bars attached to a rectangle-shaped metal box near the very top of the doors. Inside these particular metal tables are a spring tool and air or hydraulic fluid that enable the doors to open and close. On the other hand, automatic door closers are functioned by movement sensing units, pushbuttons, or remotes. These units are frequently found in commercial buildings as their existence aids in contributing to the flow of business. Customers can rapidly and effortlessly get in and out of a store or other business facilities. In doing this, the walls and doors are always secured from mechanized pressure, which in turn might harm them over time if the doors are continually slammed.

Common Issues with Panic Devices

Following assembling the panic devices, we are also readily available to assist in maintaining them. Typical issues with panic devices might include a reduction of hydraulic fluid and trouble closing or opening the door due to air tension matters. And problems with the sensing units or buttons. Any of these issues can cause the door’s functioning to be tough, perhaps even damaging to the public. 

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