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When you own, the Infiniti vehicle has luxury style and all the most advanced automotive technology. But they still need to figure out how to prevent you from losing your car key! So, in all keys lost situations, you need to get an Infiniti key replacement — what do you do? You better contact our car keys experts to get a replacement infinity key.

However, Pro-Keys Locksmith is a local, family-owned company that has operated in the DFW area for years. We provide extensive Infiniti services that include Infiniti Key replacement and emergency services such as car and trunk lockouts for all Infiniti models.

Infiniti Keys Experts in Dallas, Texas

At Pro keys, we have a large crew of certified, professional, and highly experienced automotive technicians that are available for you 24 hours a day, six days a week. Our mobile service technicians will come to your location fast, fully equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, ready to solve any car key situation fast and efficiently, and replace your infinity key on site.

We are stocked with all Infinity Blank keys, Chip Keys, Transponder Keys, Keyless remotes, and fobs for all Infiniti models. To ensure you will get the best solution fast and with no need to tow your car to the dealership!
So, you probably finished running some errand on a plain Wednesday afternoon, arrived in your car, and reached your hands to get the keys, and then… “OMG, I LOST MY CAR KEYS,” Well, take a deep breath and relax! Sometimes it just happens—no need to beat yourself up. Your keys can be either locked inside your vehicle or lost! In either case, we got your back! We provide you with replacement keys for your Infiniti or even unlock your vehicle if needed without damaging your car!


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Our company has the ultimate experience and knowledge in Infiniti keys and fobs. However, We use the most cutting-edge tools and programmers to determine any issue regarding Infiniti key duplication to the most complex programming for Infiniti vehicles. Regardless of whether you have the oldest model of Infiniti or even Douge, you got the newest model with all the premiums and the futures. We are definitely able to assist.

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Locked outside of your Infiniti or, although misplaced, your keys? We know! It’s never a pleasant situation! But we can help! Pro-Keys automotive locksmith services specialize in giving quality emergency services. What sets us aside from others is our quick response time! We can dispatch a technician to your location in minutes!

We specialize in replacement car keys for all Infiniti models. Our automotive experts will come to your location and save you time and money, so you don’t have to tow your Infiniti to the dealership, and we can create a replacement car key for your Infiniti on the spot. In 1 hour. We’ve got all the equipment to get it done right! We will replace your lost Infiniti car key same day service..

  • ✅  Q50 Key Replacement
  • ✅   Q80 Key Replacement
  • ✅   Q60 Key Replacement
  • ✅   Q70 Key Replacement
  • ✅ QX30 Key Replacement
  • ✅ QL70 Key Replacement
  • ✅ . I30 Key Replacement
    • ✅ FX45 Key Replacement
    • ✅ QX65 Key Replacement
    • ✅QX56 Key Replacement
    • ✅  Q45 Key Replacement
    • ✅ M45 Key Replacement
    • ✅  G35 Key Replacement
    • ✅QX60 Key Replacement