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Are you looking for a commercial locksmith that has experience installing emergency exit panic bars in Dallas? We can help you! We have a team of highly experienced experts who have been installing these push bars for many years and have installed them across dozens of businesses across the city.

We know that just about every business requires an extra layer of security and protection, which is why you can trust our professionals to deliver. We deliver a quality installation and ensure that your business benefits from the best workmanship and products that money can buy. All you have to do is call Pro Keys Locksmith Tx today, and we’ll send over a professional to take a look at your door.

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Installing a Push Bar, Crush Bar, or Panic Bar is Now More Important Than Ever Before

Strict regulations over the past couple of years have meant that all publicly accessible commercial buildings need to have an emergency exit door as well as a fire exit route. The door leading up to the escape route, as it is called, needs to be clear at all times and well maintained so that it performs when the time comes. For instance, if there is a fire, it is imperative that people can find the emergency exit, access, and leave the area without any delay.

At Pro Keys Locksmith Tx, nobody understands these strict regulations better than us. That’s why not only do we install emergency push bars, but we can also repair all exit doors. We also provide maintenance services to ensure that they continue to perform flawlessly.

We Make The Doors Easy to Operate

It is mandated that all emergency exit doors be easy to operate, allowing a person to exit faster. The push bar, or what’s called a panic bar mechanism, makes that operation easy so long as it is well maintained. Furthermore, it would help if you ensured that the emergency exit is also clearly marked along with adequate lighting. That’s why you might also want to check the signage every six months to ensure it meets regulatory standards.

When you call us, our team will put your emergency door through a proper examination. If the push bar is in good working order, we will service it to ensure it remains that way. However, if we spot an issue, in most cases, we will recommend that the old one be removed and a new push bar installed in its place.

Affordable Dallas Push Bar Installation

We offer a highly affordable and easy to reach emergency push bar installation service in Dallas. We pride ourselves on providing clients the best value for money, regardless of what they need. Furthermore, we are transparent about pricing, which is why there are no ‘gotchas’ when you hire us!

If you are looking for the best emergency push bar installation that you can rely on, then look no further than us. Call us today to find out more or to get a quote to install one in your establishment.

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